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¿De quién es esta cola? (Readaloud)

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Libro ¿De quién es esta cola? (Readaloud)

Whose Tail is This? Spanish Edition. Animals’ tails are all different shapes and sizes. Some animals have tails that are wide, or strong, or curly. Some are white, and some have stripes. One tail is very beautiful – which one is it?

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Liebre y Tortuga

Libro Liebre y Tortuga

Hare & Tortoise Spanish Edition. A tortoise is an animal that moves very slowly. A hare is an animal that runs very fast. A tortoise has short legs and a hare has long legs. If they had a race, who do you think would win?

Hagamos un volcán

Libro Hagamos un volcán

Let’s Make a Volcano Spanish Edition. What do you know about a volcano? When a mountain erupts, it explodes! Hot melted rock, called lava, comes out of its top and flows down the side of the mountain! People need to keep away from real volcanoes, but you can have fun making your own volcano!

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Libro Rolf & Flor

Libro bilingüe en español e inglés El grupo barcelonés The Pinker Tones presenta el libro Rolf&Flor, un libro bilingüe (español e inglés) para niños de entre 3 y 103 años, con ilustraciones de Miguel Gallardo y la participación de Albert Pla, David Brown (Brazzaville) y Mimi Miller. Rolf, un niño de Barcelona, y Flor, una niña de Nueva York, tienen vidas paralelas sin saberlo. Cuando se conocen descubren que son almas gemelas. Rolf, a boy from Barcelona, and Flor, a girl from New York City, are living parallel lives without knowing it. When they meet up they discovery are soul...

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Libro Predecir terremotos: Read-Along eBook

Earthquakes can leave people and property in bad shape. At times, they can be deadly. Find out about the science of studying earthquakes and the men and women who track the movements of the ground below us. Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this Smithsonian Informational Text builds students' reading skills while engaging their curiosity about STEAM topics through real-world examples. It features a hands-on STEAM challenge that guides students through every step of the engineering design process and is perfect for makerspace activities. It makes STEAM career...

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