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Helping with Math at Home

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Libro Helping with Math at Home

Parents want to be supportive of math education. But they often feel frustration when they don't recognize the kind of instruction their children are getting and can't help them at home. The best way to guide parents toward an understanding of how their kids are learning is by engaging them in the very same mathematics students are experiencing at school. With the Supporting School Mathematics series, you'll find six comprehensive workshop modules for effectively engaging with parents or any stakeholder in mathematics education. Helping with Math at Home: More Ideas for Parents is designed to help parents understand the importance of teaching for conceptual understanding, and that math facts can and should be practiced within engaging mathematical contexts.Parents experience games that they are encouraged to take home and play as a family. The session focuses on parents' roles in helping children build productive dispositions toward mathematics. By design, the session follows Helping with Math at Home: More Ideas for Parents, but it can also be done as a stand-alone session.The content of the session is appropriate for parents, teachers, and students of grades 4 - 8. Each of the six sessions of Supporting School Mathematics each use explicit, thorough, hands-on examples to illustrate how key aspects of your math curriculum work. Parents will come to understand: what it means to teach for understanding and how meaningful, challenging, and engaging this type of learning is why and how the focus of instruction is different than traditional mathematics teaching how basic facts are both explicitly and implicitly addressed how to extend to home what students learn at school. Each Supporting School Mathematics package includes everything you need to conduct a successful parent workshop: a planning handbook that offers general advice on presenting mathematical content and even provides you a Q-and-A section featuring the questions you are most likely to get and good answers to them a module that includes scripts, content-specific talking points, overheads, and handouts that help audience members understand how their children are learning and discover new ways of helping them at home a CD that contains ready-to-print files for the overheads as well as printable versions of the handouts in both English and Spanish. The six workshops in the Supporting School Mathematics series help you demonstrate for parents the most important aspects of any mathematics curriculum: Helping with Math at Home: Ideas for Parents Helping with Math at Home: More Ideas for Parents Understanding Addition and Subtraction Across the Grades Understanding Multiplication Across the Grades Understanding Fractions Across the Grades Encouraging Mathematical Thinkers: The Basics and More Gain parents' support by using Supporting School Mathematics to introduce them to high-quality, student-centered mathematics instruction. It's an easy, new way to change how they think about their children's math education. System Requirements for CD-ROM Windows/PC Pentium Processor 450Mhz (or higher)> Windows 98 (or higher) 64 MB RAM (more recommended) SVGA Color Display (or better) 8X CD-ROM Drive (or faster) Acrobat Reader Mac PowerPC Processor G3/333Mhz (or higher) System 8.6 (or higher) 64 MB RAM (more recommended) SVGA Color Display (or better) 8X CD-ROM Drive (or faster) Acrobat Reader

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  • Ruth E. Parker


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