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Líderes de la Revolución de Texas (Leaders in the Texas Revolution) 6-Pack

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Libro Líderes de la Revolución de Texas (Leaders in the Texas Revolution) 6-Pack

In the middle of the 1830s, Texans fought against the Mexican government for its independence. During the Texas Revolution, many leaders emerged, such as Sam Houston, Lorenzo de Zavala, William Travis, Francita Alavez, Sidney Sherman, Susanna Dickinson, James Bowie, and Juan Seguín. This captivating biography has been translated into Spanish and allows readers to learn about the incredible accomplishments of these people and what they did to make an impact on the Texas Revolution. Featuring alluring images, engaging facts and sidebars, supportive text, and a glossary and index, this book will have readers eager to learn more! This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

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  • Kelly Rodgers




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