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Screen Time Is Not Forever/El tiempo de pantalla no es para siempre

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Libro Screen Time Is Not Forever/El tiempo de pantalla no es para siempre

Children learn boundaries and safety when using screens, and fun things to do when screens are off. As important as screens are in our lives, we all need to unplug, especially children. This reassuring English-Spanish bilingual picture book offers children and families a starting point for limiting screen time and making the most of the time you have with your screens and without. While screens are needed for learning and can be helpful and fun, they are not intended for use all the time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends consistent limits on screen time for children, and adults should take steps to ensure online safety for kids. With straightforward suggestions, children will learn valuable information about online safety, setting healthy screen-time boundaries, and the importance of screen-free time. With her trademark mix of empathy and encouragement, author Elizabeth Verdick offers appealing and healthy alternatives to using screens, as well as ways to stay safe and happy when online. Illustrator Marieka Heinlen’s active and vibrant illustrations of young children interacting with their caregivers and families bring the activities and suggestions for screen-free fun to life. A section for adults at the end of the book in both English and Spanish includes information on the effects of too much screen time and suggestions for establishing screen-time boundaries. Best Behavior series Simple words and lively full-color illustrations guide children to choose positive behaviors. Select titles are available in two versions: a durable board book for ages 1–4 and an expanded paperback for ages 4–7. Bilingual board book and paperback editions of all titles also are available. Kids, parents, and teachers love these award-winning books. All include helpful tips for teachers, caregivers, and parents.

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